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By placing an order through the online store, you authorize J&J Truck Equipment to create an account for you on J&J Truck Equipment that will be used to keep track of your purchase history.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
J&J Truck Equipment is not responsible for buyer’s error. It is entirely the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the part they ordered is in fact the correct part. Also, we are not responsible for any additional shipping charges associated with customer entering or providing a wrong or incomplete shipping address.

J&J Truck Equipment does not ship on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays. All delivery times are quoted in business days. The day of shipping is not considered a transit day. J&J Truck Equipment does not guarantee the time of day the item will be delivered.

The customer must notify both J&J Truck Equipment and the delivery company of the damage within 5 days of receiving the package. J&J Truck Equipment will not accept damage freight notifications after this time period. All damage notifications must be in writing by email. Installation of a damaged part voids any and all warranties expressed or implied. If the customer purchases a replacement elsewhere rather than allowing J&J Truck Equipment the opportunity to ship a replacement, the customer will not receive a refund of any freight charges and will be subject to restocking fee.

If there is a problem with an installed part that falls under warranty, customers should contact the returns department via email at within 5 days of noticing the problem. Customers may not continue to use the part in need of warranty. If customer decides to continue using the part, the warranty will be null and void, no exceptions. If customer decides on their own to replace the defective item elsewhere, the return, even with an issued warranty, will be subject to restocking fees.

Warranty terms are for replacement of the part only. If the part under warranty is no longer available in the same style, customer will be provided with the newer style. Warranty items are shipped by the same means as the original order at the customer’s shipping expense

For some orders, it may take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for payments to settle. This is due to the fact that J&J Truck Equipment’s system must verify that the customer’s billing information matches the customer’s shipping information.

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